Moonlight Earrings
Moonlight Earrings

Moonlight Earrings

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Our Moonlight Earrings are from our latest Collection. Each handcrafted from repurposed fabrics, leather remnants & enamel charms. 

You will receive the exact pair photographed. Only 1 pair of each colour palette available. Each pair of earrings are numbered in the second photo. Please select your chosen pair at check out. 

*Earrings are reinforced with interfacing for durability. 

 *The earwires are stainless steel. 

 *The earrings are held securely by a small hook on the back of the kidney wire. 

 *1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9 Colour options - Width = 4.5cm, Length = 2.5cm (With Earwire = 4.5cm)

*3, 6 Colour options = Width = , Length = 5.5cm (With Earwire = 7.5cm)

*5 Colour option = Width 4.5cm, Length = 5cm (With Earwire = 7cm)