Jewellery Care

Our earrings are carefully handmade in Melbourne. The life expectancy of your product will depend on your careful treatment of them. Store earrings separately to ensure the fabric holds shape & does not become damaged by the weight of other jewellery - you can iron the fabric flat (avoid metal eyelets) on low heat, cover fabric first with a thick cloth. Use a damp cloth or baby wipe to clean the fabric/leather. Use a lint roller or sticky tape to remove lint. An antiseptic swab or jewellery polish cloth can be used on the metal components. To protect fabric, apply perfume & cosmetics before wear. Remove earrings before showering. 

Our fabric earrings are double sided and reinforced with interfacing for durability however over time they can start to fray on the outside edge of each fabric shape. This is the nature of using textiles. Some customers like the added texture while others prefer to trim the frayed edges with small fabric scissors.